Saturday, January 3, 2009

How do we see this world?

I stand at times looking up into the sky above,thinking of the Grandness of it all. My place within this time is so small in comparison to the Universe we live in, we have gained some insight into the realisation of how Big our Universe actually is. How wonderful the Creation of this World we live in is and forever will be. I see the times come and go through a lifetime of Blessings of His GRACE and Power that is and forever will be.

I am just a man who has seen a lot of things in his life and have known most all of the desires of man. I now know that there is allot more to this Life then we can only Imagine in our little feeble minds. We think sometimes we are intelligent and know the true meaning of life. We are deceiving ourselves if we think we know it all. We are like ants in a Spectrum of life that Changes as the Wind blows.

We only have to look up into the Heaven's above to know, and you say to know what?
The morning comes upon us as the cool air moves in towards the warm ground and we have Fog that sometimes we cannot see thru. This would even seems like a Mystery of this life if we did not know the ways of the weather.

Our understanding and knowledge of some things in this life have grown in leaps and bounds,but we still see thru a glass that is darkly covered,we do not really understand all.There is one who does and he has been here from the Beginning and will be with us thru eternity. He gives us Peace, he Comfort's us his Truth is his Word and His Love is forever with us and in us. We only have to look up our Redemption is upon us.

We all have stood and seen the storms coming have felt the coolness of the air as the rain approaches how wonderful that is. You have stood upon a beach in the heat of the day in the season of summer and felt the oceans breezes that will cool you from the heat. We have felt the rolling thunder and seen the lightning as it hits the ground or tree with a loud bang, that is Amazing in itself. The laughter of Children as they play. Your Child calling out for you when thy need you. The way of a wonderful Mother as she holds you and gives you the blessed caress of Love and affection. We take a lot for granted and do not stop and Thank God for the little blessing of this life. He sent his son to this Earth to die for us.

This is not a mystery he the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and they knew him not. Yes, God came to Earth in the Form of his Beloved Son that we could be Saved and we can know him. For Greater Love than his Love for us! We live our lives as we will, but he gave us the right to Choose and decide for ourselves, that is your choice.

So think about what you have and what you have been thru, how blessed are you? How much do you have to be thankful for that you do not even know? He knows his Angels have been here all along watching over us. Think back how many times have there been a close call that could have been a disaster?-- If I had left when I wanted to, if I had been on that, you were lucky, man can you believe that, its just amazing we were not, you could go on and on.-- Just think about how Blessed you are and Think about Him. Amen Call If You Need To Talk 1-877-800-PRAY (7729)